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            ZIPPER BRIDGE           

Geneva, Switzerland

Council of Geneva

Infrastructure, public 

140 m

Under construction

Strata Architects


The Zipper Bridge is located on the outskirts of Geneva and serves as the main infrastructure for the creation of the city’s new light rail. 

The bridge is 140m long, 20m high, combines two strategic points of the city and radically changes the landscape by innovating public and sustainable mobility making faster movement within the city.


​The idea was to create a bow that takes up the symbolism of the rainbow, the relationship between the real world and that of the afterlife.  Night lighting with LED technology simulates the presence of an arc that hurls into the sky giving a magical effect. 


The railings are composed of a stainless steel grid that lets see the background without blocking the view.

This idea makes the bridge lighter and more innovative from a technical point of view.

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