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Vienna, Austria


World Music Hall


Theatre, music class



3,500 m2




Fabjan Kolndrekaj Group

The project is a competition for the Vienna House of Music, VHOM. Vienna is considered by many people as the world capital of Classical Music and the site is immersed in the nature. Concept is to respect nature and to create curved facades to give a natural and romantic sense where nature and music can dance together.


Building is divided in three floors where in the ground floor there is the main auditorium and in the others floors music rooms, rehearsal rooms, technical rooms. Floors are rotated around the fulcrum, steel-glass stairwell, where terraces of different floors can have livable places with natural light.

Nature is very important in this site (we are in the main park of Vienna) and it is connected where a small garden, located between the restaurant and the exhibition hall, give a sense of relax and green. This garden can be seen by users of the first and second floor and from outside between the glass walls. Around the main stairs there is glass volume that runs from the ground floor to the last floor giving natural light.


The facades are in concrete and are subdivided in five timber lines to remember a music pentagram. Outside there is a open concert hall where in the summer there are the musical activities. 

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