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           SOLAR EMBASSY           


Alba, Italy


Hafencity University of Hamburg


Restaurant, cellar



750 m2


Project research


Hafencity University of Hamburg


Giovanni Zampieron

Francesco Serra

This project is called Solar Embassy and is a research about renewable energy made at the Hafencity Univestiy of Hamburg. The project is located in the Langhe, Italy, typical location of the wine in Piedmont. 


The building is a cellar and restaurant and the design concept is to readapt a classic villa in a contemporary way, using local material. The most interesting thing in this project is that uses only renewable energy especially from photovoltaic panels in the roof (485 mq), giving about 93000 kWh/year.


An innovative idea is to use photovoltaic panels also in the wall printing the material texture above it. In this case is possible to produce energy also from the wall having the facade finish desired.

PV panels

PV panels

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