New York, USA


City council


Auditorium, congress hall,




20,000 m2



The project is a competition to create a music area in Manhattan, the New york City Theater. 


In this old train station in the end of the high-line in New York the concept is to create an idea of mouvement and exchange that usually there is in a normal train station. These volumes are like two trains that are going in opposite directions giving the idea of speed. 


The project area is divided in three parts like the urban plan of Manhattan where a block is about 70x210 meters. Main buildings of projects are in the central part of the site surrounded by a park. The two main volumes are connected by a square where underground is located a cafeteria with a restaurant. In this square there are the main entrances covered by a steel-glass roof giving an idea of mouvement. In total there are four auditorium and all music rooms dedicated to rehearsal, school and so on. About the structure the goal was to check the feasibility of the project considering the huge lights (25 m) by calculating the principal beams. From these calculations, it was possible to meet the initial idea for the main structure using steel beams 814 mm HSE double welding. There are 22 spans with a distance of 8 m about which give a total length of 160 m. 

Roof is totally covered by photovoltaic panels.

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