NYCT - New York City Theatre



New York, USA


City council


Auditorium, congress hall,




20,000 m2



The project was part of a competition to create a music area in Manhattan, transforming an old train station into the New York City Theater. 


In order to requalify the end of the historical High-line in NYC and keep his historical  traits, the two buildings represent two trains crossing each others path. The volumes give an idea of flow, speed and movement.

Site project is divided in three parts; the main two buildings are located in the middle of the site and surrounded by a public park.

The two main volumes are connected by a square where the main entrances are covered by a steel-glass structure reminding the flow. This structure create a cone of light that brings natural light in the lower underground level, where restaurant and cafeteria are located.

In total there are four main auditoriums, rehearsal music rooms, and conference rooms.

The technical aspects of the main structure feature 25 m long beams and 814 mm HSE double welding. There are 22 spans with a distance of about 8 m, which give a total length of 160 m. The roof is completely covered by 5800 photovoltaic panels.