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Amatrice, Italy


Container emergency shelter



13-26-39 m2


Project Research



Politècnica de Catalunya


Many people in the world, for various reasons, must live for a certain period of their life in a temporary home. Nowadays, architecture world is not completely ready for this and there are not comfortable low-cost temporary homes.


Therefore living conditions, compared to a classic residential accommodation, are a lot below with no comfort and if this is extended to natural disasters, living conditions are worst. In recent years, the world of architecture has begun to think about solutions like Shigeru Ban with his humanitarian works.


This project tries to give an option to help people living this delicate stage of life. The ISO standard container can be used worldwide for housing modules.


Container 2.0 project transforms recycled shipping containers into temporary housing. These containers modules can be shipped around the world due to its standard size. The innovation of this project is to insulate it at passiv-haus levels to minimize energy demand and ensure a higher level of comfort.


The construction price is highly competitive and ensures a better quality of life rather a classic housing container. Technology feature, such as triple glazing and sustainable materials, will not be more expensive of nowadays solutions. 

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